How To Create Meaningful Growth

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There’s nothing quite like launching your new business, making the first sale or getting that first round of funding in…


The excitement, the euforia, the bright road ahead!


But there’s also nothing quite like dealing with demands from employees, customers and investors when things aren’t quite going right…


“Why am I doing this?” you say…


The brochure told you that being an entrepreneur means you don’t have to answer to anyone! That you can be your own boss!


But sometimes it may not feel quite like it.


You see, what the brochure forgot to tell you was to be clear on what your personal vision is, before you start your business… 


A compelling personal vision is your compass to help you build the business that you really want.


Because a business should truly give you the lifestyle that you want, and not dictate it for you.


So I encourage all the clients we work with to get clear on their personal vision. Invest a bit of time on this at least twice per year.


And each cycle, get clear on their priorities based on this vision. That way any business decisions can truly help deliver the desired lifestyle.




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